Bust Magazine Craftacular Fair!

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Hello peoples.

If you happen to find yourself in the New York area this coming weekend and aren’t too busy dealing with the wrath of the Lord on Judgement day, come on by to Bust Magazine’s Craftacular Fair in Soho! I’m very proud to say that I’ll be a particpating vendor this year, and will be serving and sellin’ slices of pie, mini-cupcakes and loaves of lovely bread for your delight and consumption. The fair is located on 82 Mercer Street, between Broome and Spring street. Eatin’ starts at 11am.

Here’s the website!


Here’s a list of vendors. One of them looks very familiar…


This is the first major (or minor for that matter) fair that You’ll Eat It and Like It will be doing, and besides being very nervous and excited, the overall feeling is that of being grateful to all of the wonderful people that brought this baking biz to where it is. There are a few very special people that are near and dear to my heart that gave me incredible support, encouragement, ideas and inspiration – especially when I was running low on all of that. You know who you are. Thank you so much.

But above all, special thanks goes to my parents. Mom, thanks for teaching me every single thing I know about baking and for raising me on such delicious, exceptional food. Dad, thank you for your endless generosity; never stopping to question whether you should continue to inve$t in your wacko daughter.

Thank you readers and customers for taking me this far. I look forward to seeing you at this event, and look forward to all the adventures that lie ahead!

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